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Simple and trusted home management and maintenance

Who's Onit?

Dan Koch - President/Founder

I've spent most of the past 20 years in banking, building relationships and consulting with a wide variety of small businesses and individuals.  My passion is working with others - taking care of their needs and finding solutions.  Over the past few years, I've watched several aging family members and friends struggling to keep up with the management and maintenance of their homes.  They were able to turn to family and friends for help.  While this works for awhile, it places a significant burden on those helping out.  And not everyone has this option.
The idea of Onit was born from these experiences - matching the home maintenance needs of people with my skills and passion for service and building long-term relationships.  Since the initial idea was born, it's expanded.  There are many reasons why people might want help around their home.  Regardless of the reason, my goal is simple - do whatever it takes to make living in your home as easy and stress free as possible.